Work Experience

Blue Elevator exposes learners to workplace simulations, and eventually actual work experiences, in a controlled working environment which is conducive to learning and growth. Experienced facilitators provide close supervision, coaching and mentorship throughout the intervention. Key concepts are taught through lectures, field-work, practical workshops and work assignments.

We equip successful learners with the necessary resources to start up a business and/or secure employment to build a career.

The design of these programmes also lends itself toward rural and township revitalization by creating entrepreneurs and suppliers who redistribute the wealth from metropolitan areas.

The work experience programmes develop skills and entrepreneurs that can become economically active in the following industries:

  •  Agricultural
  •  Hospitality
  •  Telecommunications
  •  Services
  •  Repair & Maintenance
  •  Financial

Pathway to empowerment

The unique outcomes of our multidimensional approach to development allows for these individuals to depart from the programme and start their new business ventures equipped with:


the necessary product knowledge, business skills and experience


an achievable business plan based on their own proven capabilities


the “know-how” to set up their own small business


access to resources including products, supplies, equipment & infrastructure


the benefit of cost effective solutions as a result of bulk procurement


the confidence that they can succeed