“Elevating the unemployed & unskilled to create economic independence”

Blue Elevator was established based on our passion to elevate people through empowerment. Our commitment is to fast-track employability and to stimulate an entrepreneurial spirit and learning culture in South Africa. Blue Elevator’s multidimensional approach to development focuses on theoretical training linked with extensive practical exposure in order to bridge the experience gap of our youth to ultimately reach success through mastery. Blue Elevator unlocks cost-effective solutions that positively impact employment equity, skills development and the socio-economic spheres for our clients. Together we make a difference to individuals’ lives and realize a vision of job creation.


Blue Elevator provides a full spectrum of training, skills programmes and learnerships across industries on a national basis. The training is combined with reinforcement programmes that ensure the retention, application and sustainability of the acquired knowledge. Training can be provided onsite or alternatively our training venues include accommodation and catering facilities that ensure a memorable day of uninterrupted stimulation.

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Work Experience

Blue Elevator exposes learners to workplace simulations, and eventually actual work experiences, in a controlled working environment which is conducive to learning and growth. Experienced facilitators provide close supervision, coaching and mentorship throughout the intervention. Key concepts are taught through lectures, field-work, practical workshops and work assignments. We equip successful learners with the necessary resources to start up a business and/or secure employment to build a career.

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Blue Elevator's recruitment expertise lies in sourcing skilled and unskilled talent. We assess unskilled first-time employees for, attitude, behaviour & potential to ensure productivity and skilled talent for skill and experience who add value to your organization from day one. Blue Elevator’s national database provides access to a talent-pool spread over rural, urban and metropolitan regions enabling our delivery on single, project or large scale recruitment.

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Blue Elevator is an Empowered Supplier with a Level 2 BBBEE contributor status. Our 125% BBBEE procurement recognition level means for every R1 you spend = R1.25 claimed back. Additionally, for our new Clients, procurement spend with Blue Elevator (as a first time supplier) can be multiplied by 1.2. Blue Elevator has the capability to assist you with your BBBEE to ensure maximum points in areas related to our services i.e. Skills Development, Socio-Economic Development as well as Supplier & Enterprise Development.